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Roberta  Varney's  Cool  Threads  Shop

Custom hand-sewn gifts and embroidery. What can I make for you!


Key fobs/Snap tabs are a fun addition to your key ring, luggage, backpack, etc. I create each key fob using marine vinyl, which makes a very durable key fob. Most of my key fobs include a colorful snap, hence the reference to snap tabs. They are embroidered on the front side only; and the back shows a single outline. Two types of metal hardware are available: Split ring and swivel clasp.

All the designs you see here are available for purchase. I sell exclusively on ETSY and during local events (close to Tampa, FL). If you see a design on this website that isn't on ETSY, let me know. I'll gladly post it for you. Be sure to click on the ETSY banner to check out my ETSY store! I offer quite a variety of products!

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